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Heavy Duty Drawing and Stamping Lube


5 Gallon Pail


45 lbs

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Drawsol 850 is a blend of extreme pressure agents, fatty lubricants, petroleum oil and other inhibitors.

Drawsol 850 contains active sulfur and is primarily designed for heavy duty drawing, stamping, forming, extruding and fine blanking operations. Due to the presence of active sulfur, this product is not recommended for use on non-ferrous or yellow metals.

Drawsol 850 is designed for metalforming operations on ferrous materials with thickness up to 6mm. Drawsol 850 is effective at reducing heat build-up in multi-stage progressive die operations. Drawsol 850 can be applied to the stock or die via spray, drip, or roller coater.

Drawsol 850 can be cleaned from parts using alkaline type spray cleaners or solvent hand cleaners.

Drawsol 850 should be used as received.


  • Enhanced additive package containing high levels of ester and EP provide maximum lubrication performance for increased tool & die life
  • Versatile product, can be used neat or cut back with water
  • Ideal product for difficult steel and stainless steel operations

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