Conoco Syncon EP Plus Gear Oil 220 5gal Pail


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Synthetic Extreme-Pressure Gear Oil


5gal Pail


42 lbs

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High VI Synthetic PAO-Based Extreme-Pressure Industrial Gear Lubricant. Syncon EP Plus Gear Oil is a premium quality, synthetic, extreme-pressure gear lubricant developed for the lubrication of enclosed industrial gears and heavily loaded plain or rolling-element bearings operating under extreme-temperature conditions. It is specially formulated to have a very high viscosity index for use over a wide range of operating temperatures. It meets the performance requirements of major gearbox manufacturers. Syncon EP Plus Gear Oil is formulated with synthetic polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils, a viscosity modifier and a non-chlorinated extreme-pressure additive package. It has outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures to help minimize deposit formation and provide long service life. It has high load-carrying capacity for protection against scuffing and wear, protects against rust and corrosion, and is resistant to excessive foaming that can interfere with proper lubrication. It has a high viscosity index and low pour point for use in equipment operating at extreme temperatures or over a very wide temperature range.


  • Outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures.
  • Outstanding low-temperature properties.
  • High viscosity index and low pour point for use over a wide temperature range.
  • Excellent extreme-pressure properties.
  • Protects against scu.


Heavily loaded enclosed gearboxes, such as those commonly found in mine hoists and mining machinery, enclosed industrial gearboxes operating at very low or very high temperatures, or operating continuously at higher than normal operating temperatures, hea