Conoco TCS Slideway Oil 68 5gal Pail


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Super Clear Premium Way Lube


5gal Pail


45 lbs

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Product Data Sheet and MSDS


Premium Machine Tool Slideway Lubricant. Conoco® TCS Slideway Lubricant is a premium, demulsible circulating oil developed for use on lathes and heavily loaded machine tool slideways. It is specially formulated to prevent stick-slip problems to ensure good surface finish on the machined part, and to provide quick and effective separation from water and metalworking fluids. TCS Slideway Lubricant is specially formulated to allow machine tool carriages to start easily and move smoothly throughout their travel, thus preventing stick-slip problems. This reduces carriage chatter and ensures a smooth finish on the machined part. Mild extreme-pressure properties prevent scoring of the slideways during carriage travel. A tackiness additive improves adhesion and prevents the oil from being squeezed off the slideways. It also helps prevent the oil from being washed away by cutting fluids. Additional proprietary additives provide protection against rust and corrosion and allow optimum separation from coolants and tramp oils. TCS Slideway Lubricant is water-white in color to allow easy visibility of machined parts.


  • Excellent anti-stick-slip performance.
  • Excellent coolant-separating properties.
  • Good surface finish.
  • Protects against scoring and wear.
  • Good adhesion for retention on slideways.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Water-white in color for easy visibility.


Horizontal and vertical slideways on machine tools, such as lathes, planers, shapers, drilling machines, milling machines and screw machines. Printing presses. Lumber mill saw carriages. Other applications that require a clear, tacky slideway oil.